Judging Information

Information for judges and members alike on how judging of competitions is carried out.

An appointed judge from either the GDPU or SPF lists will judge annual competitions. They will be asked to give comments and select the top 15 prints and images.

Similarly, a judge from the GDPU or the SPF, will judge the monthly club image competitions.

Club members will judge monthly print competitions.


Due attention should be given to: -
1) Composition
2) Print and image quality
3) Subject matter and appeal
4) Presentation

Entries should be marked out of 20 with a minimum low of 10. Each judge will award 20 to the print, which in their opinion, is the best on show. Only one print can be allocated the top mark.

No member shall judge his or her own print or image.

The print or image secretary shall average out scores to second decimal place if necessary.

Each entry will be placed in order of merit and shall be shown on a league table that will be placed on the notice board when all competitions are completed.

Where members have more than one print or image entered in any competition, the highest awarded print or image will be classed as the best entry.

All images should be in JPEG format. Landscape format images should have a maximum WIDTH of 1440 pixels. Portrait format images should have a maximum HEIGHT of 1050 pixels. Resolution should be set at between 100 and 120 pixels per inch.


The monthly competitions shall be run on a league table basis. The best club monthly print or image awards will go to the entrants who have gained the highest score on the league table. These scores shall be taken from the league table – the sum of the entrant’s highest individual scores from each of the 3 monthly competitions. In the event of a tie the secretaries will look at the overall scores to determine an overall winner. The results of the monthly print and image competitions shall be placed on the notice board for the attention of all members.

Last Revised: February 2013.
Last Reviewed: May 2015