Rules for Club Competitions

A breakdown of Club rules for the submission and participation in competitions
All competitions are only open to fully paid-up members

Please note it is a condition of acceptance that all prints and images shall remain with the club for use in external competitions and/or the club website.


There will be 3 monthly print competitions and 3 monthly digital image competitions per club per year - unless otherwise stated in the syllabus.

A maximum of 3 prints for the print competitions and a maximum of 4 images for the image competitions may be submitted.

The monthly competitions shall be run on a league table basis. The best club monthly print or image awards will go to the entrants who have gained the highest score in the respective league table.

Each entrant's highest individual score from each of the 3 individual monthly print or image competitions will be entered into the league table.

The person with the highest aggregate sore from all three monthly competitions will be adjudged the winner.

The results of the monthly print and image competitions shall be placed on the notice board for the attention of all members.

In the event of a tie, the secretaries will look at the overall scores to determine an overall winner.


There will be an annual print competition and an annual image competition - up to 4 prints and 4 images may be submitted.

Tom Moore Trophy

This competition will be an open competition with the subject “Scottish Scenes” and will alternate between prints and images. Maximum entry will be 4 prints and 4 images for the respective competitions.


This competition will be an open competition – with a maximum print size of A3 – maximum entry 3 prints.
Monochrome images are defined as an image that contains a range of black and white tones or where a uniform partial colour tone is applied.

Set Subject

The set subject will be decided at the AGM each year and will comprise an image section only – up to 4 images.


Rules are common to all classes of entry

1) Each member may enter up to the number of prints or images as stated for the relevant competitions.

2) Prints can be self-processed or trade processed and the original image must be the member's own work.

3) No signatures should appear on the print.

4) All prints must be titled on the back.

5) Entries to the annual competitions must be in the hands of the print or image secretaries by the handing in dates specified in the syllabus.

6) Prints may range in size from a minimum of 5”X7”excluding mount to a maximum of 16”X20” – the latter including mount.

7) Prints may be coloured, monochrome or toned.

8) Prints and images entered for the club monthly competitions may be entered for the club annual competitions and the Tom Moore Trophy.

9) A print entered in a monthly print competition may also be entered as an image in a monthly image competition. Similarly an image used in a monthly image competition may be used in a monthly print competition.

10) Image size; for all image competitions 1600x1200.

Last Revised: Sept 2018