Club History

Short History of the Hub-Singer Camera Club
The original membership of the Camera Club came from people who were employed in the "Singer" factory at Clydebank. (circa 1923). At this time the Club was restricted to people who worked in the factory. They met in the newly built Singer Hall. In those early days, 1930's, members usually produced prints, half plate upwards. Sepia and black and white or tinted slides(black/white) and colour.

In 1935 the club became the first winner of the magnificent GDPU inter club Slide League Trophy. The Club sadly, was unable to continue following the destruction of the Singer Hall during the Clydebank Blitz. The club was reconstituted in 1959, when the Singer Hall was re built.

By the late 1970/1980 the factory was being run down until it's final closure in the summer of 1980. The search for new premises was resolved when space was made available at the newly built Hub Leisure Centre.

This comprised of a darkroom, with a large meeting room next door. By this time the Club was now opened up for locals who were not former workers from the now defunct Singer Factory. At this time the Club was known as the Singer/Hub, but in 1987 the Club was renamed the Hub/Singer, since by then their were very few of the original factory members still alive.

Some of these old members deserve a mention, namely, William Sharp, Norman Wiles, Peter Mclean. (All of them Past Presidents) Not forgetting John Kennedy.